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How to effectively close more solar leads remotely?

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Even though hiring sales representatives who will do door-to-door offerings of your solar technology products can be an excellent way to fill in the gaps of your solar lead flow, it can be a slow-paced process that usually ends with rejection. Adding a remote solar sales platform to your business increases your solar leads’ workflow level with minimal effort as it can save you time, money, and energy.

With the power of technology that helps people stay connected all the time, building a remote sales energy to reach qualified solar leads and converting them to sales is now attainable and sustainable. If you want to increase your sales from your office or home’s comforts, you can use the following tactics to build your campaign’s strong foundation.

Make high-quality solar leads come to you

solar lead generation

Successful remote sales start with an efficient solar lead generation. You can look for a reliable solar lead factory that offers solar leads for sale online, or you can generate your leads on your own. If you prefer to buy solar leads, just ensure that you’re partnering with a trustworthy and result-oriented solar lead generation partner.
Setting up a few advertisements through social media or search engines can also make potential customers come to you. Using SEO tools and keywords search is another option for you to reach your prospects.

Schedule a virtual meeting with your solar lead

Meeting your qualified solar leads with the remote setup is possible through virtual meetings. This is the perfect chance for you to showcase your business, discuss the features and benefits of your products, and review the proposal you sent to them via email in advance.

To ensure that your solar lead is free and attentive to the meeting, send him/her a link to your calendar and ask them to book a slot that will fit their schedule.

Share your knowledge and build rapport with your solar lead

While you are on the phone with your qualified solar lead, share them your screen and show the kind of energy technology and solutions that you offer through a concise but comprehensive slide presentation. Discuss the ins and outs of solar energy and renewable power sources, and build trust by answering their questions extensively and addressing their concerns with honesty. Remember to make your voice sound knowledgeable and sincere if you are only talking on the phone. If you are communicating with your solar lead through a Zoom or other video-capable calls, your body language should be friendly and accommodating.

Convert your solar leads to a successful sale

After telling your prospect about your business, get to the specifics, and discuss the proposals that you have generated for him/her. Tell them the solar panels that will best suit their needs and explain to them why.

Talk about the pricing, materials, other costs that may be incurred, and any other options available. Be patient and let them ask any questions or raise any concerns. Update the proposal based on the changes that can be accommodated until you reach the solar design that can specifically address their needs.

Once the customized solar proposal is made, close the deal by showing the customer where to e-sign. Getting a sealed sale on the first call is ideal, but you should know that converting solar leads into actual customers will require more time and work than just a single call. It wouldn’t be a problem nurturing the harder to close deals as you plenty of time working remotely.


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